Mlikarna Dairy now Popular Beer Garden

Beer garden Mlikarna Dairy is a popular in Prague. Resembling a miniature castle, Mlikarna Dairy is a square building in the middle of Riegrovy park in the Vinohrady district. It was was once a ‘mlikarna’, a shop where dairy products were sold. Today, this dairy is a pleasant cafe and beer garden. A hangout where you must have been during your weekend in Prague. A place where you experience the ‘true Prague’. Share a table and drink Czech beer and meet the locals.

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Mlikarna Beer Garden with a View

Mlikarna is a beer garden with a view, at least when you sit on one of the two rooftop terraces. It is a real hotspot and extremely popular especially at weekends. Crowded as it is, you can usually secure a seat at one of the long communal tables. This is one of the best places in Prague to drink Pilsner Urquell and Gambrinus on tap. The menu includes typical Czech snacks such as barbecued sausages served with mustard and brown bread. The homemade soup is highly recommended. Don’t care for beer? Try Bohemian wine another true Czech favourite.

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Mlikarna Dairy Then

In the old days Mlikarna was a dairy and then as popular as it is today. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries Prague residents came to Riegrovy Park in droves to breathe fresh air and marvel at the view from the lookout tower. In those days cows were grazing on the gentle slopes of the park. Their milk was sold in a small shop that soon got the nickname mlikarna, dairy in English. Over the time the dairy turned into a pastry shop which still sold milk.

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Mlikarna Dairy Today

After the Second World War the building became derelict. As it was far from water supplies, drains and electricity the Prague authorities deemed it ready for demolition. The present-day owner, Jacub Vakoc, has been able to convince the authorities that the building should be renovated. In fact, it was rebuilt as it was in a very bad condition after so many years of neglect. The present building is a faithful reconstruction of the original dairy. Today the Dairy is a hotspot, a very pleasant place to enjoy a large tankard of Pilsner Urquell or Gambrinus.


Mlikarna Beer Garden
Riegrovy Sady
Prague 2

Opening Hours

7 days a week: 11.00-23.00


Photos Marianne Crone

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