Recipe Traditional Beef Goulash

Goulash originated in Hungary but many Eastern European countries, Austria, Roumania, Croatia, Poland have their own recipe of this beef stew. Goulash is a meat ragout with garlic and paprika and is served with bread dumplings but in many tourist restaurants in Prague, this beef stew is served in a hollowed out loaf of bread.

Beef Goulash is the perfect meal for a cold day. Whether you eat it with dumplings, rice or pasta, serve it with a side salad as a warming winter dish.

Beef Goulash

Beef Goulash Easy recipe 


* 500 g stewing beef
* 100 g bacon
* 4 large onions
* 2 tablespoons sweet paprika powder
* Salt
* 1/2 teaspoon caraway seeds
* marjoram
* 2 tablespoons flour
* garlic
* hot paprika powder
* sour cream


1. cut the meat into chunks
2. sauté the chopped onion and bacon
3. add the meat, brown it and sprinkle with the paprika powder
4. stir and pour on it a little hot water, add salt and stew until almost soft
5. boil off the liquid and sprinkle with flour, brown, add water and stew until soft.
6. season with marjoram, mashed garlic and hot paprika powder
7. stew for a short time
8. add a spoonful of sour cream
9. Serve with bread dumplings

Who invented Beef Goulash?

Hungarian nomadic shepherds had no way of peparing a convential meal because they were constantly moving about to find the best pastures for their sheep. They cooked and flavoured meat and then dried it in the sun. Sweet peppers were added only after the sixteenth century when these were introduced to Europe from the New World. The dried meat was put into bags made of sheep stomach and the shepherds had an instant meal! All they had to do was add hot water.

Restaurant in Prague that serve goulash include:
Havelske Koruna, Havelska 23, Nove Mesto district
In the Three Golden Stars, Malostranske namesti 8, Mala Strana district
U Pinkasu, Jungmannovo namesti 16, Nove Mesto district

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