Easy Recipe Open-faced Sandwiches

Open sandwiches (chlebicky) are a feast for the eye and a treat to the taste buds. You will find them in all delicatessen shops in Prague. Each sandwich is an exquisite masterpiece of artistically arranged slices of ham, cucumber and egg on a slice of bread. Eat them for breakfast, lunch or as a snack. What’s more, they are very easy to make!

An open-faced sandwich is a round of bread spread with potato salad and garnished with ham, salami, hardboiled egg, gherkin and slivers of sweet red pepper. Some say that these sandwiches date back to the Middle Ages, before plates, knives and forks had been invented, when bread was used as an edible plate. Others claim that Paul Paukert invented them when he offered this type of sandwich to a painter working on a huge painting from a ladder. Paukert made for him a sandwich so that he need not climb down his ladder.


* 1 baguette (or loaf of white bread)
* 200 g potato salad
* Thinly sliced ham or salami
* Peeled hardboiled eggs
* Pickled cucumbers or gherkins
* Slivers sweet red pepper
* Parsley


1. Remove the end of the loaf and cut into 1 cm thick slices
2. Spread each slice with potato salad
3. Make a cut from the centre to the edge in each slice of ham or salami and twist them into a cone shape
4. Slice the eggs
5. Place ham or salami cone on each slice of bread
6. Decorate with a little fan of pickled cucumber or gherkin, a ribbon of red pepper and a sprig of parsley

Potato Salad

Potato salad is the mainstay of Czech cuisine and each housewife has her own recipe. This salad is traditionally served with Schnitzels and carp which is ‘the Czech turkey’ at Christmas. Potato salad is also the main ingredient used in open-faced sandwiches. You need not be a top chef to prepare a potato salad. Potato salad, popular all over Europe and North America, is said to have originated in Germany where it is not a meal in itself but a side dish which accompanies the main dish.

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