Easy Recipe for Czech Potato Pancakes

When you eat bramborak, potato pancakes, in a restaurant in Prague, they are often a bit greasy. However, when you make them yourself you will discover that these pancakes are a delicacy. Most Eastern European countries have a recipe for this type of pancake. The Czechs always add marjoram to theirs which gives the pancakes a distinguished taste. What’s more they are very easy to make!

Potato pancakes can be eaten as they are or filled in various ways after frying. Put stewed mushrooms or cooked meat leftovers on one half and cover the other half with grated cheese and finely chopped chives. It goes without saying that the drink accompanying your pancake meal is beer.

Potato Pancakes

Potato Pancake Recipe


* 800 gr raw peeled potatoes
* salt
* garlic
* ground caraway
* marjoram
* 1 egg
* 100 gr flour
* oil for frying


1. grate the potatoes and season with salt
2. add crushed garlic, caraway and marjoram to taste
3. add egg and flour and combine into a thick mixture
4. heat the oil
5. add part of the mixture and spread
6. fry slowly on both sides

Note: always make your pancakes as thin as possible so that they are crispy. If you replace part of the flour by breadcrumbs they will be even crispier.

Where to Eat Potato Pancakes in Prague?

Potato pancakes originated in eastern European countries, the Chech Republic, Germany, Austria, Poland and also Russia. It is a dish and often associated with peasant food in the past. Potatoes were cheap, nourishing and plentiful. Many of the more expensive restaurants do not serve potato pancakes. If you want to try Czech potato pancakes go to a neighbourhood restaurant.

Restaurant Solidarita, Dvouletky 18 Strasnice district
Hospoda Ferdinanda, Karmelitska 18, Mala Stran district
Malostransky Restaurant pod Petrinem, Hellichova 5, Mala Strana district

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