Dhaba Beas Vegetarian Indian Dishes

Dhaba Beas is a vegetarian Indian self-service restaurant with North Indian specialties where you pay by weight. A nice bonus is that you get a discount on your meal one hour before closing time. A chef from India prepares the dishes on the spot, so everything is always fresh. Be sure to drink with your meal lassi, a traditional yogurt drink,and very tasty. Samosas and pakoras are perfect for small appetites. A welcome extra is the carafe of free water on every table. Experience an explosion of taste when sampling thali, pakora or samosa in this Prague restaurant.

Dhaba Beas and Thali

Every day is thali night in Prague’s Dhaba Beas Restaurant. Thali is the perfect Indian invention which allows you to savour several dishes at the same time. It consists of a number of curried vegetables, relishes, raita (yogurt with cucumber), papadam (paper-thin crisp flatbread) and rice. Traditionally, it is served in small metal bowls arranged on a round tray. Beas Dhaba restaurant has put this feast of flavours on its menu every day.

Too spicy

If your mouth is on fire from too much spice, don’t reach for water or beer. Raita, fruit or anything sweet, a spoonful of sugar or a sweet lassie, will do the trick. Finish your meal with ‘chai,’ a brew of tea composed of cold water, milk and sugar or sweetened condensed milk. This concoction is brought to boil, stewed for a long time and then served.

Dhaba Beas 100% vegetarian

Dhaba Beas is 100% vegetarian: no eggs, no fish and no meat. Chefs from North India prepare their favourite dishes that will also please your carnivore friends.
Did you know that no such thing as ‘curry’ or pre-packed curry powder exists? This is a British invention. Indian cuisine blends spices in certain combinations. They are freshly ground in mortar and pestle. The well-known garam masala is in fact a combination of cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, coriander, cumin and peppercorns. That’s why homemade curries or masala never taste the same.


Dhaba Beas, has 11 restaurants in Prague of which 3 are in the centre

1. Tynska 1, behind Tyn Church on Old Town Square, Monday – Friday 11.00-20.00, Saturday and Sunday 12.00-20.00
2. Na Porici 26, close to namesti Republiky, Monday – Friday 11.00-21.00, Saturday 12.00-20.00, Sunday 12.00-18.00
3. Purkynova 9, behind Quadrio Shopping Centre and opposite the installation of Kafka’s revolving head, Monday- Friday 11.00-20.00 , Saturday 12.00-19.00, Sunday 12.00-19.00.

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