Hospoda Ferdinanda

Hospoda Ferdinanda in Prague is almost everone’s favourite spot for a typical Czech meal. At lunch time office workers are more common than tourists because its location is just far enough away from the main tourist drag and there are many offices in Karmelitska Street and surroundings.
Where to eat in Prague is no problem because the city abounds in restaurants, hospoda and beer gardens. Be sure to have at least one meal in Micro Brewery Ferdinanda in Prague, either in the Mala Stranz restaurant or in the Nove Mesto one. Hospoda Ferdinanda serves the best beer in town and the most delicious dishes, exactly the way your Czech grandmother (if you had one) would prepare them. Ferdinanda offers quality meals at bargain prices and probably the best beer in town!

Hospoda Ferdinanda

Restaurant Ferdinanda means Czech food, many locals and hardly any tourists. They are famous for the large portions and Ferdinanda beer, from their own micro-brewery. Hospoda Ferdinanda has two branches in Prague and specializes in traditional Czech food at very affordable prices. One restaurant is in the Mala Strana district and the other is in the Nove Mesto district. Both restaurants serve Ferdinanda beer on tap, also alcohol-free and you pay ‘local prices’ not ‘tourist prices’.

Hospoda Ferdinanda and Czech Food

Enjoy authentic Czech dishes and it doesn’t matter which of the two restaurants you choose. The beer and the food are the same. The difference is in the interior and the number of people who come here for a meal. You won’t meet many tourists in the Mala Strana restaurant because it not very close to Prague’s top attractions. The clientele is mainly Czech office workers.

Ferdinanda in Mala Strana and in Nove Mesto

Located in the vaults of a Baroque building, Hospoda Ferdinanda in Mala Strana is a maze of windowless rooms. The walls are plastered white, the coat racks are garden rakes. Entering the basement, you are greeted by a mannequin wearing a Ferdinanda T-shirt and next to her is a large chest with the inscription: Frozen Cats. Seating is on wooden benches and long tables that seat six to eight. Sharing a table is common practice.
Hospoda Ferdinanda in the Nove Mesto district is on the ground floor, has window and a much lighter interior and is less typically Czech. Here, too, the theme is ‘rural’: rakes as coat racks and wooden tables and benches. This Ferdinanda is located in the middle of the tourist area. So, you won’t be the only foreign visitor!

Czech Food: Ask for the Lunch Menu

Ferdinada in Mala Strana is a popular place at lunchtime when office workers come here for their meal. The poledni menu, lunch menu, lies on the table, only in Czech, but that is not a problem because the staff speaks English. Although most dishes contain meat, non-meat eaters will have no problem finding vegetarian dishes on the menu. The busiest time is between 12 noon and 2 pm. Both Ferdinandas guarantee authentic Czech food.

Getting there

Hospoda Ferdinanda in Mala Strana is located on a busy road with a tram in the middle. Shops and other restaurants in the same street as is the Maria Victoria church with a statue of the Child Jesus wearing different clothes every day. Restaurant Ferdinanda in Nove Mesto is close to Wenceslas Square, right in the shopping and entertainment area of Prague.

Address: Ferdinanda Karmelitska 18, Mala Strana, Prague
Metro: Malostranska station then a 10-minute walk or change to tram 22 to the Ujzed stop.

Address; Ferdinanda, Opletalova 24, Nove Mesto, Prague
Metro: Muzeum station

photos Marianne Crone


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