Lunch without Tourists

U Svate Anny is one of these restaurants in Prague you will like to come back to time and again. Arrive with a big appetite because portions are huge and the prices are very wallet-friendly. This is a place will lure you back again and again. Here you mix with the locals, few tourists have found their way to this charming restaurant in a residential area of Prague. U Svate Anny is the perfect restaurant in Prague to enjoy your lunch without tourists (and tourist prices).

Locals, no Tourists

U Svate Anny is not on the tourist trail. This restaurant is slightly difficult to find, but once you have discovered this gem among neighbourhood restaurants, you never want to eat anywhere else. Lunch is the main meal for Czechs. The Poledni menu, the fixed-price lunch menu, lies ready for you on the table, only in Czech. This is not a big problem because the staff speaks English.

Poledni Menu

The menu features different dishes every day; you can choose from six dishes and two kinds of soup. This is what many neighbourhood restuarants serve for lunch, but U Svate Anny stands out. This restaurant offers two-course meals at the same price as one-course meals. At Kc 89 (€3.50), they won’t break the bank. Add to this a half-litre of Gambrinus beer at Kc 24 (€1) and your lunch will be not more than €5 or $7. Try to find this in the centre of Prague!

And the Snag?

And now the snag. How do you get there? Take Metro line B, get off at Andel and hop on tram 7, direction Radlicka. Get off at Laurova stop. Restaurant U Svate Anny is right opposite.


U Svate Anny
Radlicka 112/22
Prague 5, Smichov

U Svate Anny

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