Neighbourhood Restaurant Informal and Affordable

Neighbourhood restaurant in Prague are friendly, informal and very affordable. They are away from the tourist crowd in the centre and therefore no tourist-prices. Immersed yourself in everyday Prague life and have lunch in one of the many neighbourhood restaurants. They are scattered all over the city. True to say some serve better food than others, so where to start? Take metro line A to Strasnicka station and go to restaurant Solidarita, tasty authentic Czech food for a very budget-friendly price.

neighbourhood restaurant

Neighbourhood Restaurant Solidarita

Neighbourhood restaurant Solidarita is not on the tourist route in Prague. You even have to put in a little effort to get there. But once you discover this restaurant, you don’t want to eat anywhere else. Lunch is the main meal for Czechs. The poledni menu, the fixed price lunch menu, lies ready for you on the table, only in Czech. That is not a problem because the staff speaks enough English to explain the dishes. Outside seating in summer.

neighbourhood restaurant

The Lunch Menu

Every day chef prepares a set number of dishes, every day they are different. What makes this restaurant so special is that there are always four menus that consist of soup and a main course for the same price as only a main course. Order half a liter of Pilsner Urquell. Your bill in this neighborhood restaurant stays well below € 10. You will not find that in the centre of Prague! When you came back in the evening you can only order à la carte. The prices are double the lunch menu’s but still very affordable!

Editor’s tip: Order Kofola with your lunch. Kofola is an imitation Coca-Cola and was very popular in Communist days and still popular and much tastier than you might think.

neighbourhood restaurant

Getting there

And the snag? You must go there by metro. Take metro line A to Strasnicka station.

Address: Restaurant Solidarita, Dvouletky 18, Strasnice, Prague
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 10.30-23.30, Saturday and Sunday 11.00-11.30

Photos Marianne Crone

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