U Tri Zlatych Hvzed – In the Three Golden Stars

When you are in restaurant U Tri Zlatych Hvzed, the three Golden Stars, in Prague, skip the starters and the main course. Go straight for the fruit-filled dumplings topped with melted butter and whipped cream. A more delicious dessert is hard to find in Prague. Situated under the arches of the Saint-Nicolas Church, Restaurant the Three Golden Stars is skightly hidden from view. Look out for a house sign showing three golden stars. That way, you’ll find the restaurant quicker.

Three Golden Stars

Tri Zlatych Hvzed is Czech for In the Three Golden Stars. Once you have dined here, you will be convinced that a more appropriate name would be in the FIVE Golden Stars. All dishes are prepared in such a professional way and with such love that it is impossible to decide what is better the St Nicolas mixed grill with potato pancakes or the Woodcutter’s steak with juniper berries and green beans. A classic Czech dish is roast duck served with red cabbage and bread dumplings. The dumplings are for dipping the sauce. The menu is in six languages, which means you are not the only tourist. On the other hand, this makes it easy to order a meal.

U Tri Zlatych Hvzed

U Tri Zlatych Hvzed: Restaurant in an Ancient Building

Restaurant In the Three Golden Stars is located on the main square in the Mala Strana district. This star location is not reflected in the price of the meals which are very affordable. Enjoy your meal in style: a 700-year-old building with high vaults with beautiful murals. The figures depict various stages of consciousness a novice meets on his way to recognition.

Little bit of ‘tourist trap’

It sometimes happens that when you want to pay, the credit card machine suddenly does not work and the waiter works ‘creatively’. The tip will then already be added to your account. This is very unusual in Prague. When you pay in euros, a very unfavorable rate is used.

Getting there

Restaurant U Tri Zlatych Hvezd is located in Mala Strana, Prague’s oldest district. When you are on your way to Prague Castle, you will pass this square. Here you will find the St. Nicholas Church with an impressive baroque interior. Also nearby is a ‘secret’ garden, Vrtba garden, Karmelitská 25. This terraced garden is located on the slope of the Petrin hill and is built after an Italian model and has many statues.


U Tri Zlatych Hvzed
Malostranske namesti 8
Prague 1, Mala Strana

Public Transport

Metro station Malastranska, tram 8, 12, 18

U Tri Zlatych Hvzed

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