U Rozvarilu – Simple Meal and Budget Price

Simple meal and budget price? Have you always wanted to know what restaurants in Prague were like before the Velvet Revolution? Come for lunch to Restaurace u Rozvarilu and you will find yourself in a time capsule of Communist time. Decked out in the colours orange, dark brown and beige Rozvarilu breathes the spirit of Communist days. The daily menu in is not very imaginative and very much like the old days when state-approved cook books were used as handbooks, also in up-market restaurants.

simple meal budget price

Simple Meal Budget Price

Today Restaurant u Rozvarilu offers a simple meal and a budget price as in the old days. In those days a typical menu would feature potato-based kaludja soup and pork cutlets. Communist propaganda insisted that a daily portion of meat was a symbol of wealth. That’s why meat was always on the menu in school cafeterias, factory canteens and soup kitchens. The Communist party not only imposed what to do but also what to eat.

simple meal budget price

Very Affordable Lunch Menu

Simple meal and budget price is difficult to find in the centre of Prague. U Rozvarilu is on the top floor of Bila Labut Department Store. Take your pick from the menu that is posted on the wall. The only snag is that it’s in Czech and the ladies behind the counter aren’t polyglots. Simply point out what you would like to eat. This may prove a bit tricky because Wiener Schnitzels look exactly the same as the deep-fried fish. On the other hand spinach, potatoes and French fries are easy to recognize.

Lunch Menu: Simple Meal Budget Price

Restaurant u Rozvarilu is one of the best places for an authentic Czech meal. Pay what locals do, no inflated tourist prices here! Best value for money is the set lunch menu: soup of the day, a choice of meat or chicken, pickled gherkin (no vegetables as Czech seem to be allergic to greens) a sweet and a soft drink. You can choose from kofola (communist counterfeit Coca-Cola and surprisingly tasty) or malinovka (raspberry lemonade). If you want to drink pivo (beer), you pay a little extra.

simple meal budget price

Getting there

Restaurant u Rosvarilu is on the top floor of Bila Labut, formerly a department store now shop-in-shop. Bila Labut is in the Nove Mesto district near namesti Republiky and near the Stare Mesto, Prague’s most famous district, with Old Town Square and the astronomical clock. At namesti Republiky you can shop to your heart’s content in the Palladium shopping centre with 200 stores or in Kotva. In 1975, this was the first department store in Prague with Western luxury.

Address: u Rozvarilu (Top floor of Bila Labut Store), Na porici 23, Nove Mesto, Prague

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday 10.00 – 18.00, Saturday and Sunday 10.00-16.00

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photos Marianne Crone

simple meal budget price

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