Dablacov Tram Loop and the Tatra T3 Tram

Attention tram enthousiasts and public transport fans! You can now have a beer in a nostalgic Tatra T3 tram permanently parked at the Dlabačov tram loop. There are six fixed tables and tram seats inside the tram and extra chairs and tables on the platforms next to the tram rails. Food and drinks are available at the Bistro Točna stand: craft beer, homemade soft drinks and a snacks. You can also sit in the driver’s seat and have a good look at the control panel.

Dlabačov tram loop – show location on map

Dlabačov loop

The Dlabačov loop is located near the Strahov Stadium, was built in 1948, but has not been used for many years. There are several tram tracks and platforms connected by a high footbridge.

Why would anyone cross the tracks via this footbridge, you my wonder? There are very few trams and hardly any passengers. This was very different in the past. Dlabačov was the tram stop where throngs of people got off to go to events at the Strahov Stadium. This was a huge stadion, with a capacity of 250,000 spectators. And suppose only a small number of spectators arrived by tram, the Dlabačov stop was teeming with people. If they all wanted to cross the tram track at the level crossing, no tram could run anymore. The footbridge was solved this problem.

Strahov Stadium gradually fell into disrepair, the tram stop was discontinued and the footbridge went to rack and ruin. The Prague 6 district administration decided to put the tram loop back into service, and renovate the tram stop, the tracks and th footbridge which was completed in 2022. The metal railings of the bridge have been painted in the original red colour, the weathered concrete stairs have been restored and trams are once again using the loop.

Dlabačov Tram Stop

The Dlabačov tram stop is used to get on and off the tourist tram line 42, which runs with several historic trams. The stop is still not busy because tram 42 only runs every forty minutes on weekends and public holidays from 10.00 to 18.00.

A Beer in the Tatra T3 tram

Drinking or eating is not allowed on Prague trams. However, the T3 tram that is stands here is no longer part of the rolling stock but has been converted into Bistro Točna and open at weekends from 10.00 to 21.00. The bistro is an excellent place for tram spotters to admire tram 42 every forty minutes, which runs with various historic trams.

Tatra T3 tram

The Tatra T3 tram has not run on the regular tram lines in Prague since 2011. But when you get on tram 23, you can still take a ride on this iconic tram. Line 23 is the ‘nostalgic line’ and runs with historic trams for public transport enthusiasts. Ordinary tickets are valid. It is not just tourists that sit in this tram, locals also take for daily transport.

The Tatra T3 tram tram was manufactured in the ČKD Tatra factories in Prague and on 21 November 1962 the tram ran for the first time in the city. It was a very modern tram for those days and also a successful export product because this tram ran and still runs in almost all Eastern Bloc countries.

The T3 is the successor to the Tatra T2 tram, but this new model had to meet a few new features. The tram had to have the same capacity as its predecessor, but simpler to manufacture. To achieve this, the walls were made thinner and plastic seat were used instead of the seats of artificial leather. In the heyday of the Tatra T3 tram, there were 1.000 of these trams crisscrossing Prague.

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