Saint Vitus Cathedral

The tall spires of St Vitus Cathedral determine the Prague cityscape. This impressive church stands high on a hill overlooking the Vltava River. St Vitus is a place of pilgrimage, a museum and a treasury. The cathedral is also the largest and most important church in Prague. Coronations took place here. The cathedral is also the burial place of sovereigns and archbishops. Together with Prague Castle, it forms the Castle Complex. Seeing all sights in the Castle Complex, takes up at least one full day.

St Vitus Cathedral crowns Hradcany Hill. The construction of the church took more than 600 years. This is the place where the Archbishop of Prague crowned the Bohemian kings and where they have their final resting place. The Cathedral is the largest church in Prague. Tourists look despairingly at the display of their cameras, take a step backward and one more. Using a wide angle lens is the only solution if they want to capture the whole building.

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Prague-Now Tip: Spend at least one full morning or afternoon at the Prague Castle Complex if you want to see everything.
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Highlights of St Vitus Cathedral

1. Wenceslas Chapel

Ornate murals decorated with semi-precious stones show the sufferings of Christ and the life of Wenceslas.

2. Crown Jewels

The Crown Jewels – used for the coronation of the Czech Kings – consist of St Wenceslas crown adorned with sapphires and emeralds, the royal sceptre and orb and the coronation vestments. The jewels are kept in the Crown Chamber which is locked with seven locks and bolts. Seven dignitaries each have one key and access is a joint operation.

3. Tomb of St John of Nepomuk

In a silver tomb adorned with Baroque statues lies Saint Nepomuk, priest and martyr, whose statue stands on Charles Bridge. He is the patron saint of the Czech Republic. Drowned in the Vltava River at the behest of King Wenceslas, he became the first Czech martyr.

4. New Archbishop Chapel

The Art Nouveau windows of the Slavonic saints in this chapel are the work of Alfons Mucha who is probably better known for his Art Nouveau posters depicting the French actress Sarah Bernardt.

5. Sigismund Bell

Sigismund Bell weighs 16 tonnes and is the largest bell in the Czech Republic. The bell can be heard on religious holidays and important events.

6. Joke of Peter Parler

Peter Parler was the master mason whose sculpted self-portrait adorns a wall of St. Vitus Cathedral. He incorporated a private joke in the southern choir but invisible from down below – a man and a women disguised as a cat and a dog nagging each other.


St Vitus Cathedral
Prazky Hrad

Opening Hours
Monday – Saturday 09.00-16.00
Sunday 12.00-16.00

St Vitus Cathedral

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