Vltavska Metro Station and Street Art

Street art in Vltavska metro station is worth checking out. Vltavska is one of the many stops on the red line C and also a busy tram junction. It is neglected, it is ugly. It is a place no one wants to be unless they need transport. Yet, Vltavska is unique because it has the best street art in Prague. It is a true graffiti art heaven. The mural paintings change every once in a while therefore coming back is a must.

Street Art at Vltavska Metro Station

Street art embellishes the walls of metro station Vltavska. The walls have been graffiti sprayed by famous artists like Mode 2 who painted people engaged in doing everyday things: a woman reading a newspaper, a kissing couple, a girl caressing a kitten and another girl listening to music with earphones, all in pastel colours. These paintings are still there but have faded slightly. Another part of the wall is graffiti in chrome and black paints; a statement showing that commerce has taken over street art.

Vltavska Metro Station

Vltavska metro station was opened in 1984 and digging a tunnel under the Vltava River was quite a feat in those days. On its inauguration it was the deepest station on line C. When getting off at Vltavska metro station, passengers are not aware that there are six levels. Some of them not open to the public as they are operational and technical rooms.


Photos Marianne Crone


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