Wheelchair Accessible Things to Do and See in Prague

Wheelchair-accessible attractions in Prague are located in the historic centre of the city. A holiday in Prague is no problem for travelers with special needs. The Nove Mesto and Josevof districts are wheelchair-friendly. The surface of the sidewalks is smooth and only occasionally a bit bumpy when paved with mosaic tiles. Some high curbs may pose a problem but there is always a friendly person to help you. The cobbled streets in the Old Town district are a challenge, but not impossible. Bear in mind the middle of the street is bumpy but the sides are smooth. The Old Town district is a car-free zone.

wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair-accessible Sights and Public Transport

Many wheelchair-accessible sights are among the must-see highlights of Prague: the Astronomical Clock, Charles Bridge and Old Town Square. Public transport in Prague is not a big problem for wheelchair users. Wheelchair accessibility of the metro is moderate and trams are a better option. The new Skoda trams are low-floor trams and wheelchair accessible. The timetable at the tram stop indicates which tram type runs at what time. A wheelchair icon indicates if the tram is wheelchair-friendly

wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair Accessible Things to Do and See

1. Astronomical clock on Old Town Square
The clock is located on the facade of the old town hall. The spectacle takes place every hour on the hour.
Death rings the bell. Two shutters open and the twelve apostles do their round. Next to Death is a Turk shaking his head saying ‘no’, because he does not want to give up his military campaigns. This refers to the Turkish invasions in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The shutters close again, the cock crows and the clock strikes the hour.

2. Charles Bridge connecting the Mala Strana and Stare Mesto Districts
You will never walk alone on Charles Bridge. It is pedestrian only and swarms of tourists ambling up and down any time, irrespective of the weather. Artists sell their paintings of Prague highlights and others sell their hand-made jewelry. The Dixiland band is playing and you can buy their CD. A host of statues adorn the bridge railings, the most famous is John of Nepomuk, easy to recognize from the halo and stars around his head. Charles Bridge offers one of the best views of Prague Castle.

3. Kampa Island south of Charles Bridge on the Mala Strana side
It is hardly noticeable, but Kampa is a small island in the Vltava, oases of peace with quiet streets and many trees. Na Kampe street resembles a French village square, the Devil’s Stream with a watermill complete the village picture. John Lennon wall on Velkoprevorske namesti (square) is only a short walk away.

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4. Dancing house on Rasinovo nabrezi 80
If you like modern architecture, you should definitely see the ‘dancing house’. It is made of two glass columns that resemble a dancing couple. The building is not open to visitors, but on the seventh floor (elevator) is the Ginger & Fred Restaurant, an excellent place to taste Czech cuisine: pork knuckle with red cabbage and potato dumplings. The view of the illuminated Prague Castle is especially beautiful at night.

5. Old Town Square
Old Town Square is the buzzing heart of Prague. The surrounding buildings are a crash course in history. Pay special attention to the beautifully decorated facades. In the middle of the square is the Jan Hus monument. The eye-catcher of Old Town Square is the old town hall with the astronomical clock. The town hall tower is accessible by wheelchair, but the museum part of the town hall is not. The Christmas market is held on the square in December and the Easter market at Easter. In summer, the Old Town Square is full of outdoor cafes. Behind Tynkerk is a small square lined by interesting shops. Taste and buy absinthe in The Green Devil’s Absinthe bar and shop

6. Cruise on the Vltava River
A Vltava River cruise is a good option for wheelchair users. Access to the quay is via a ramp. Users of folding wheelchairs can board all river cruises (staff can assist when needed). Heavy electric wheelchairs can only access certain boats. There are toilets for the disabled on some boats.

Climbing Towers in a Wheelchair

1. Old Town Hall Tower, Staromestske namesti 3, Stare Mesto.
In front of the main entrance are a few steps, but the staff can provide a ramp. A stair lift takes you to the elevator. You cannot get on to the viewing platform with a wheelchair because it is too small. However, you can enjoy the view from behind glass windows.
* Town Hall Tower offers different view of Prague, red roofs, Tyn Church and in the distance the suburbs.

2. Zizkov Television Tower in the Vinohrady district
A fast elevator takes you up to the viewing platform and the cafe-restaurant. Parking garage for 198 cars and another parking above ground with 25 places.
* A dream of the communists and their prestige object. When construction began in 1985, the building was intended to be a jammer for West German radio and television broadcasts. Unfortunately, the tower was put into service after the fall of communism.

wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair-friendly Gardens and Parks

1. Royal Gardens, U Prasneho mostu 1, Hradcany
No obstacles for wheelchair users
* Beautifully landscaped garden with a singing fountain in the middle and surrounded by historic buildings: Belvedere and the Ball Game Hall. The garden was laid out in the sixteenth century with exotic plants and greenhouses for citrus trees. On the east side is the Belvedere, the summer palace of Ferdinand of Habsburg. The Ball Game Hall is decorated with beautiful sgraffito of allegorical figures. Pay close attention to the tenth from the left. It is a communist addition: an image of a person with hammer and sickle. In spring and summer the garden is at its best and full of flowers.

2. Wallenstein Garden, Letenská, Mala Strana
Easily accessible, no obstacles
* The garden is part of the Wallenstein Palace, geometrically laid out and entirely in Baroque style. Impressive is the sala terrena, the fountain with a bronze statue of Venus and the sculptures along the paths. Concerts take place here in summer.

wheelchair accessible

3. Stromovka Park
Easy to reach, beautifully smooth paths ways. Stromovka parking garage, Veletrzni 24, 2 hours free of charge and on Saturday and Sunday 5 hours free of charge for visitors
* Stromovka is the largest park in Prague and was the hunting grounds of the nobility in the thirteenth century. The artificial pond in the middle of the park is fed with water from the Vltava River via an intricate tunnel system. There is a picnic and barbecue area with an electric grill. You can make a reservation through Park BBQ.

4. Zoo and Botanical Garden, U Trojskeho zamku 3, Troja
Situated on a slope with paths specially designed for the disabled. The entrances to the individual pavilions are also wheelchair-friendly. For blind and partially sighted people there are regular exhibitions where the exhibits can be seen by touch. The text on the explanatory signs is in Braille.
As the four parking lots at the Zoo quickly fill up, it is best to use the parking lot at the Blanka Tunnel. A shuttle bus, with low-floor entry will take you in fifteen minutes to the Zoo.
* A large garden with miles of exotic scenery including the Africa House, the Indonesian jungle and the elephant valley.

5. Letna Park
Accessible for wheelchair users via Milady Horakova Street, not via on the Vltava River side because there are only stairs leading up.
* The highlight is the beer garden with an amazing view of Prague centre. The best view of the Vltava River and the bridges is in front of Hanavsky Pavilion, a restaurant with a beautiful garden.

6. Franciscan Garden in the centre just behind Wenceslas Square
Only the entrance on Jungmannova Square is suitable for wheelchair users.
* An oasis of peace in the middle of Prague with fruit trees and a herb and rose garden.

photos Marianne Crone

wheelchair accessible

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