Shopping in Karlova Street

Karlova shopping street connects Old Town Square with Charles Bridge. This narrow, winding street in Prague is always bustling with people. Karlova means shop after shop after shop. This is the street to buy Bohemian crystal and sparkling jewelry. Karlova is also one of the best shopping streets for alcoholic souvenirs like Becherovka, a herbal liqueur, or Slivovice, plum brandy.

Karlova Street: Shoppers’ Delight

Karlova is the main route from Male Namesti, the small square just behind Old Town Square, to the Vltava River. The street is part of the Royal Way, the traditional coronation route of the Bohemian kings. Today Karlova is a paradise for shoppers with shops all along the way. As this street is very central, and the only way to get to Charles Bridge you will walk up and down this shopping street several times during your city trip to Prague. You will find here a plethora of souvenirs from Bohemian crystal to Russian fur hats and from wooden puppets to Prague T-shirts.

Shopping in Karlova Street

Special Shops in Karlova Street

1. Puppet Theater, Karlova 12
One of Prague’s best addresses to buy wooden puppets of all sizes. At the same address is Don Giovanni Puppet Theater where you watch performances of famous operas such as Orpheus, Don Giovanni and Don Quichote. These performances are also interesting for non-opera lovers as only the most popular parts of the opera are performed.

2. Absinth Shop, Karlova 15
One of the many shops in Prague that sell absinth. The absinth you buy here is not what you think it is. It is not the potent spirit that Van Gogh, Oscar Wilde, Hemmingway, Paul Verlaine, Arthur Rimbaud and Charles Baudelaire drank to find inspiration. The Absinthe you buy here is a strong alcoholic drink with additives to give it the green colour. All bottles of absinthe you buy in the souvenir shops are first-class tourist traps! Read more about absinthe here.

3. Parazit, Karlova 25
A very special fashion shop with designs of young Czech designers who do not blindly follow the current fashion trends, but specialize in retro, streetwear, haute couture and pop art. Besides fashion also accessories and gifts (which you can of course keep yourself).

4. Manufactura, Karlova 26
One of the branches of the Manufaktura shop that specializes in wooden toys. In addition to toys, you will also find ceramics, textiles and artistically painted eggs.

Shopping in Karlova Street

Shops specializing in Glassware and Crystal

1. Karlova Crystal, Karlova 44
Two floors full of Bohemian glass, from wine glasses to fruit bowls and from chandeliers to vases. Be sure to have a look at the glass blowing. The following day when the glass has hardened, you can purchase the art object which you saw being made.

2. Kosta Boda, Karlova 19
Kosta Boda is famous for crystals and glassware. The shop resembles an art gallery and is completely filled with glassware, vases, bowls, jugs, animal figures, graceful female figures and everything modern in style. Prague is famous for glass and Bohemian crystal in particular. Kosta Boda is special because it has turned crystal and glassware into an art form.

Amble up and down Karlovo shopping Street. It’s one of thosstreet in Prague that will never disappoint.

Shopping in Karlova Street

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