Shopping in Tyn Court for Antiques and Bohemian Crystal

Shopping in Tyn Court is an experience not to miss! Tyn Court, Tynsky dvur in Czech, is an intimate square behind Tyn Church on the Old Town Square and surrounded by unique shops, trendy restaurants and lots of outdoor cafes. When you go shopping in Tyn Court, you are bound to find exclusive presents for yourself or a friend. Go treasure hunting at Bric and Brac and find (real) antiques or stock up on bio cosmetics at Botanicus. If you are you looking for a very special gift, Green Devil Absinthe Shop is your place to be!

Shopping Tyn

Shopping in Tyn Court

Shopping in Tyn Court is fun! This courtyard is home to fashionable shops and much quieter than the main shopping streets in Prague. This small square is the perfect spot for relaxed browsing and buying.

1. Material, Tyn 1, open: 10.00-20.00
Material is your place to be if you are an admirer of Bohemian crystal. This shop is a fusion of classic and modern glassware. It may be slightly awkward to take home a crystal chandelier but a set of wine or whisky glasses are easy to stow in your luggage.

2. Starozitnosti Ungelt, Tyn 1, open: 10.00-1800
Starozitnosti (antique shop) Ungelt sells antiques. They are not cheap but very reasonably priced. Buy Meissen porcelain, Moser glassware, elegant Bohemian crystal, jewelry set with garnets or Asian art.

3. Botanicus, Tyn 2, open: 10.00-18.30
As soon as you enter Botanicus, a sweet scent welcomes you. This family business mainly sells beauty products, but also jams, herbs and chutneys. The shop brims with perfumed soaps, herbal bath oils, cardamom vinegar, tea, honey, wax candles, dried flowers and much more. All products are made using natural ingredients: plants and herbs grown in their own organic farm in Ostra, a town about 35 km from Prague.

Shopping Tyn

More Shopping in Tyn Court

4. Koh-i-Noor Pencils, Tyn 3, open: 10.00-22.00
You have probably never seen a larger collection of pencils and crayons. Koh-i-Noor is a Czech company and the world’s largest manufacturer of pencils and related items. You will certainly find something to your liking in this shop!

5. Fajans Majolika Ungelt, Tyn 4, open 10.00-18.00
Exquisite, hand-made and hand-painted faience: earthenware glazed with an opaque white layer to make it look like Chinese porcelain. First developed and produced in Baghdad, it came to the Czech lands via Spain and Italy in the 9th century.

6. Bric a Brac, Tynska 7, open 11.00-18.00
Bric a Brac is not in the Tyn Court but just around the corner. It is a tiny second-hand and antiques shop packed with the most interesting things. You will find everything from old uniforms to toys and bicycles and all kinds trinket from the Art Deco and Art Nouveau periods. The eye-catchers are the old-fashioned typewriters.

Shopping Tyn

Shopping in Tyn Court and Eating Out

Tyn Court is not just shopping. You will find here also several attractive restaurants. Indian Jewel, Tyn 6, for the tastiest tandoori or chicken biryani (a rice dish) and also vegetarian dishes. Restaurant Ungelt, Tyn 5, is a seafood restaurant and Zlate Trumpety, Tyn 2, is a jazz and blues gastropub.

Green Devil’s Absinth Bar and Shop, Tyn 7, open: 11.00-00.15
Green Devil is very special because you can drink and buy absinthe here. Absinthe is green in colour and contains 70% alcohol. It is seasoned with wormwood, a herb that contains thujone and has psychedelic effects, but only when consumed in high quantities. In many countries, thujone is illegal, but not in the Czech Republic. There are two types of absinthe: the cheaper version which is diluted and macerated. The bitter taste is camouflaged by adding sugar. The more expensive type has been distilled. The Green Devil’s Bar has both types. Drink absinthe in the bar or buy it in their shop which also sells cannabis related products.

Shopping Tyn

‘Ungelt’ the Old Name for Tyn Court

Ungelt, the old German name for this court, is sometimes used to refer to Tyn Court. Merchants would trade their wares on Old Town Square and in the alleys around Tyn church: herbs, vegetables, jewelery, silk fabrics, wood and animals. They had to pay taxes – tyn in Czech and Ungelt in German – at the square behind Tyn Church. Until 1918, the country was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and up to World War II German was the official language and Czech the language of the people.

Watch out when you walk in Tyn Court at night! Legend has it that the restless soul of a young Turkish merchant is wandering about. He is alleged to have killed his fiancée, the daughter of an innkeeper, out of jealousy, and now his soul is forever restless.

Tip: Sniff up some culture after shopping in Tyn Court. Go to the House of the Golden Ring, in Tynska 6, annex of the Prague City Museum and visit the permanent exhibition: ‘Prague during the Reign of Charles IV: a Medieval City’.

Location and How to Get There

Tyn Court is located right behind the Tyn Church on Old Town Square. The nearest metro station is Staromestska (line A)


Photos: Marianne Crone

Shopping Tyn

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