Wenceslas Square Shopping

Wenceslas Square, the largest square in Prague, is shopping for every taste. Virtually every building houses a shop – shoes, books, Bohemian crystal and everything you need or do not need. Add to this a number of department stores and you have shopping pleasure for hours, if not days. Tired of shopping? Relax in one of the cafés, outside in summer and inside in winter. Feel a little hungry? Buy a Czech sausage at one of the sausage stands in Wenceslas Square – the ultimate Prague delicacy!

Shops Galore

Wenceslas Square is impressive. Stand on the steps of the National Museum for a sweeping view. The square gently slopes down and swarms with shopping and sightseeing people. With a length of 750 meters and a width of 60 meters, Wenceslas Square is rather a broad avenue than a square – shops, department stores, hotels, restaurants and cafés on all sides. Start you shopping trip at the National Museum end and walk down the gently sloping square. Less fatiguing and you’ll save energy for more shopping.

Odd Numbered Side

From The National Museum to Na Prikope Street:
* Yves Rocher, for a very affordable beauty treatment or just for beauty products to take home * Jannis shoes, fashionable and very affordable
* Palac Knih, Palace of Books honours its name, four floors full of books, also in English
* Debenhams, British department store
* H&M, Needs no praise, the favourite of all young people
* Van Graaf, five floors of fashion, Boss Orange, Tommy Hilfiger, Esprit, Marc O’Polo, Gerry Weber and another two hundred labels.
* Bohemia Crystal, not only glassware but also a plethora of Prague souvenirs
* C&A, affordable fashion for everybody
* Shopping Centre Koruna at the corner of Wenceslas Square and Na Prikope Street, Bontonland the largest CD shop in Prague.

Even numbered side

Inspiring shops along Wenceslas Square, from Na Prikope to the National Museum
* Bata, flagship store of the Czech shoe industry, six floors with shoes and fashion items
* Marks & Spencer, British fashion and afternoon tea on the third floor
* Dum Mody, five floors of desirable fashion – the only department store that dates back to communist days and feels a bit like old times.

Wenceslas Square

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