Bazars, Second-hand and Antique Shops

Shopping in antique shops in Prague is easy because the city has a record number of antique shops and bazars. Antique shops sell antique, and are pricey. Bazars are second-hand shops. Antique shops and second-hand shops were popular in communist days and still are. They stock porcelain, glassware, crystal, embroidered textiles, silverware and paintings.

Bazars and Antique Shops

Antique shops, starozitnosti in Czech, often specialize in, for example, glassware, porcelain or Bohemian crystal, textiles and lace or silver, garnet and jewelry. Do not confuse antique shop with antiquarian bookstore, Antikvariat in Czech. You can usually skip these shops because they specialize in old books almost exclusively in Czech, but if you are interested in prints, maps and paintings, definitely pay a visit. Both the antique shop and the antiquarian bookstore have real art at a real price.

1. Antik Petit, Anny Letenske 12, Vinohrady, Prague
Antik Petit is not tourist focused and prices are far better than in the old Town. Poke around a bit and you may go home with an Art Nouveau broche or a pair of lace gloves.

Tucked away in a side street off Vinohradska Avenue, Antik Petit is a tiny shop specializing in antique textiles. The shop owner Mrs Olga Bystroňová solicits items from homes all over the Czech Republic. The younger generation wants to move on and anything reminding them of the old, meaning Communist days, is given short thrift. Her shop brims with linen tablecloths with bobbin lace trim, embroidered bedspreads and pillow cases. Display cases are true treasure troves, antique rings, diamond studded pendants and garnet rings sit beside beaded purses and vintage earrings. Move carefully in between the porcelain statues, Bohemian crystal decanters, flower pots and vases. Admire oil paintings, watercolors and drawings. Go home with an Art Deco fan or a set of hand embroidered napkins.

Opening hours: Tuesday and Thursday 13.30-18.00

2. Bric a Brac, Týnská 7, Stare Mesto, Prague
One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Go home with a wicker coffee table, an Art Nouveau necklace or an old fashioned fountain pen. Bric a Brac is a favourite haunt of tourist and prices reflect this. Great opportunity to test your bargaining skills.

Nestled in a small courtyard behind Tyn Church in the heart of Prague, Bric a Brac is a wonderful antique shop. Crammed with thousands of items from typewriters to crystal chandeliers, this little store is a true treasure trove. Rummage through shelves cluttered with household goods and glassware. Dig into boxes brimming with antique Teddy bears and Barbie collectables. Try out the violin and if you are lucky it is a Stradivarius, but don’t count on it. You had better bring a well-lined wallet because despite the crappy look, most items are surprisingly expensive. Once you have checked out the smallish show room at Tynska, follow the signs to the one in the courtyard and try your luck there.

Opening hours: 11.00- 18.00 daily

3. Praha Thrift Store, Dukelských hrdinů 21, Letna, Prague
Go bargain hunting in Praha Thrift Store and support non-profit charities. Browse through books, find second-hand clothing or household goods. This unique shop also stocks new items. Buying at the thrift store means recycling and at the same time helping people who are less well off.

The Praha Thrift Store is an excellent spot to grab a bargain. When you buy here you help people in need and you save the planet by reducing waste. You also help yourself because prices are low and quality is high. The clothes section stocks second-hand but also new and branded fashion. Browse the wide range of books and you are sure to find that novel you have wanted to have for ages. Rifle through racks of vintage clothing. The children’s section is a true Mecca for parents and grandparents. Pick up that Skoda toy car or an abandoned Teddy bear looking for a new home. Lots of Barbie dolls are looking for a new ‘mother’ and model train will keep father and son busy for hours.

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 10.00-19.00 closed on Sundays

4. Dorotheum Auction House, Ovocny Thr 2, Nove Mesto, Prague
A top quality antique shop with prices to match, specializing in jewelry, paintings, Orthodox icons, sculptures, porcelain, ceramics, glassware, a variety of clocks including wall, table and grandfather clocks, pocket and wrist watches, furniture and more in all styles of Baroque and Biedermeier to Art Nouveau, Cubist and Art Deco.

Antique shop and auction house, ideal if you are looking for fine art, paintings, diamonds, gemstones, silver, porcelain, Art Nouveau rings and brooches and jewelry set with garnet. Auctions take place regularly but are in Czech and prices in Czech crowns. You can also just buy in the store. You won’t find any kitsch here, everything is real art and the prices are accordingly.

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 10.00-16.00, Friday, Saturday and Sunday closed

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