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Cesky Granat Turnov, Czech garnets from Czechia, is one of the many shops in Prague selling genuine ruby red garnets or granat in Czech. A multitude of shops in the Old Town stock silver or gold jewelry studded with this semi-precious stone; pendants, rings, necklaces, bracelets and cuff links all of classic design. As if they are a family heirloom and come straight from your grandmother’s inheritance.

Genuine or Fake Czech Garnet?

A plethora of shops in Prague sell garnets, some are genuine and some are fakes. Deep red granat is a famous Czech product. They are mined in the town of Turnov in northern Bohemia. Many shops sell garnets imported from India others sell cut glass instead of the real stones. A rule of thumb: smaller stones are Czech, larger ones are from India. If you want to buy genuine Bohemian garnets, Granat Turnov is a trusted shop. Every Czech garnet is accompanied by a certificate of origin.

Czech Garnet

Regal Czech Garnets

Garnets have been mined in Bohemia since the thirteenth century. This semi-precious gem was used by kings and queens for decorative jewelry, furniture, cutlery. Anything studded with garnets looked grander and more splendid. This may be the reason why granat is still as popular as ever in the Czech Republic.

It is worth to venture away from the centre and check out Antikvita (na Hutich 9, Dejvice, Prague 6) an antique shop specializing in Czech garnets and also in gold and silver jewelry, rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. It is not only jewelry and garnets you will find here. This shop is a true treasure trove: antique toys, silver knives, forks and spoons, porcelain statuettes, whole dinner sets. This is an antique shop to treasure.


Cesky Granat Turnov
Dlouha 7
Prague 1

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday 10.00-18.00
Closed on Sunday.

Czech Garnet

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