Dana Bohemia for Crystal

Dana Bohemian is one of the largest stores in Prague specializing in Bohemian crystal and Czech porcelain. The shop sparkles and glitters with the finest cut-glass bowls, decanters and wine glasses.

Dana Bohemia Glassware

Dana Bohemia is famous for its large collection of Bohemian glassware at very reasonable prices. You will find here not only classic designs but also contemporary glassware. Elegant wine glasses, gold plated champagne glasses, blown and cut glass beer or water glasses; all of superior quality. What about the price? Six blown glass water glasses will set you back 536 Kč which is about €70. Cute Bohemian crystal figurines like a funny looking cat or a happy mouse are yours at 277 Kč or just over €10.

Dana Bohemia for Crystal

Glass versus Crystal

Bohemia Crystal glassware contains 24% lead oxide. Lead gives the glass its sparkle. Glassware with less lead oxide is called crystalline.

How do you know the glassware you buy is crystal?
1. Crystal rings when tapped ever so gently
2. Crystal divides light on the spectrum like a prism
3. Crystal feels heavier in weight

All glassware in Dana Bohemia is real crystal. Souvenir shops in Prague centre also sell crystal, often at lower prices. Be sure to do the crystal check before buying because the souvenir shop crystal is not always real crystal.

Dana Bohemia for Crystal


True to say prices at Dana Bohemia are slightly higher than in most souvenir shops in the Old Town. However, when you buy at Dana Bohemia superior quality is guaranteed. A piece of Bohemian crystal is an exquisite souvenir to take home with you and a tangible reminder of your stay in Prague.


Dana Bohemia
Národní 43
Prague 1, Nove Mesto

Opening hours

Daily from 09:00 – 19:30
Sunday from 10:00 – 18:00

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