Hamleys more than just a Toy Shop also with Arcade Games

Hamleys toy shop in Prague is large but a dwarf compared to Hamleys in London. Anyone who has been to London with children knows that this store is the largest and most beautiful toy shop in the world. The good thing is that Hamleys has branches in 22 cities, Prague being one of them. Even without children, a visit is more than worth it, especially if you are a fan of arcade games.

Toys for everyone

Step into Hamleys and see a huge collection of toys from teddy bears to tech Lego and everything in between. Hamleys is a hands-on shop and you can touch and try out everything!

The Carousel

The first thing you see upon entering is the carousel and a slide. When Hamleys opened in Prague in 2016, there were two activities, the carousel and the racing car circuit, only cash payment was accepted. That was a clever marketing tool and parents and children found their way to Hamleys.

Hamleys Card

Over time, more activities were added for which you need a Hamleys Card. This card also gives you a discount on toy purchases. Go to the Hamleys website to register and then pick up your card in the shop. You will have to charge the card to use the activities. You can top up at the cash register on the ground floor.

Activities in Hamleys

Simple activities such as the toboggan run, merry-go-round, mirror maze, and car races are reasonably priced. You can only pay for them with your Hamleys Card. The card allows you discount on other (more expensive) activities which are located in the basement, such as VR activities, Butterfly House and Laser Games.

Butterfly House

Down on the lower floor, you will find the butterfly house. Step inside and you find yourself in a tropical forest with a pleasant temperature of about 26°C. Butterflies everywhere, there are about 600 of them! If you’re lucky you’ll see them emerge from the chrysalis

Mirror Maze

Getting lost is fun, especially in the mirror maze. Special laser effects and mysterious background music make the maze even more exciting and the surprise at the exit are the distorting mirrors.

Gamecity in Hamleys

Gamecity is on the first floor with over 20 arcade games including Air Hockey, Jurassic Park, Mario Kart, Moto GP, and Nerf. You need a separate voucher with a fixed price and each game is priced separately. Playing means winning! Not only eternal fame is yours but also tickets to redeem prizes.

Arachnoid VR

Participants in the underground rescue mission Arachnoid are equipped with VR glasses and a special backpack. Each group of four players also receives a flashlight to help them find their way in the dark tunnels. Teamwork is required!

The Hamleys Card

If you plan to come back to Hamleys to play games, you keep the card. You pay a small amount to purchase the card which is refunded on return of the card. Your credits will not be refunded. So think carefully about the amount you want to top it up. You can always recharge your card when you need more credits while playing games.

Address: Hamleys, Na Prikope 14, Nove Mesto, Prague
Opening hours Monday – Sunday 10.00 – 20.00

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