Italian Food and Wine Market

The Italian Food Hall and Market is ‘little Italy in Prague’; the perfect place to indulge in genuine Italian food and wine. The Wine and Food Market is the pick of the bunch and well away from the tourist crowd which is reflected in the prices. This slice of Italy in Prague doubles as grocery store full of Italian delicacies from olives, mushrooms and truffles to wine and limoncello.

Italian Food Hall and Market: Italy in Prague

Are you craving a freshly baked pizza, sun-dried tomatoes or juicy black olives then visit ‘Little Italy’ while you are in Prague. Are you longing for a cup of strong Italian espresso or do you want to savour Italian wine then sit down at one of the long wooden tables in the café of The Italian Food and Wine Market. The grocery store is packed with Italian cheeses, salami, tomatoes, fresh herbs, wine and much more. All products are directly imported from local family firms in Italy.

Italian Food

Little Italy in Prague 

The café and restaurant are in the adjoining hall lined with a series of stalls selling Italian goodies, pasta, pizza or whatever you crave. Sit down at one of the long communal tables and tuck in. Wash your meal down with a glass of exquisite Italian wine and finish with an Italian espresso. The Italian bakery is next to the main shop. Stock up on Italian bread genuine Italian ‘dolce’. Especially at weekend the air buzzes with true and proper Italian atmosphere.

It is a bit of a venture to find ‘Little Italy in Prague’ because this food hall is not in the tourist area but in the Smíchov district.


Italian Wine and Food Hall
Strakonická 948/1
Prague 5

Opening Hours

7 dagen per week van 09.00 tot 21.00

Italian Food

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