Moser Crystal Shop in Prague Centre

Moser crystal shop means exquisite glassware and guaranteed top quality. The store in Prague is full of capivating shine and glitter: wine glasses, jars, carafes, vases and dinner sets for all occasions. The more you look the more the collection impresses you. It is almost impossible to resist buying an item. Moser stands for craftsmanship and is world famous for lead-free crystal that sparkles as if lead has been incorporated.

Moser crystal

Moser Crystal Lead-free

Moser is the leading producer of Bohemian glassware and crystal. All products are handmade. Moser glassware doesn’t come cheap. The Moser shop in the centre of Prague is the flagship store of the renowned glassblower dynasty from Karlovy Vary. Ludwig Moser succeeded in making lead-free crystal.

Lead ensures that glass is hard and therefore durable; in addition lead breaks the light so that the light rays are fragmented and it seems that all colours of the rainbow are present. But, working with lead is not healthy. Moser lead-free glass was beneficial for the glassblowers who could now work in a safer environment.

Moser crystal

Moser Shop Interior

The Moser collection is characterized by high quality and traditional designs. The prices reflect the craftsmanship. Even if crystal is not on your shopping list, be sure to walk in and browse the collection. If you have no interest in crystal  glassware at all, a visit to the showrooms on the first floor of the Moser shop are an eye opener. Not only the glassware on display but also the shop interior.

Once the home of Bohumil Bondy, Czech industrialised, political leader and historian, this mansion is lavishly decorated; wood paneling, stain-glass windows and opulent chandeliers. Seize the opportunity and take a look at the reject department; wine glasses, fruit bowls and much more with small manufacturing defects that only an expert can detect.

Moser crystal


Moser Flagship Store
Cerna Ruze Shopping Centre
Na Prikope 12
Prague 1

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 10.00 – 20.00
Saturday and Sunday 10.00 – 19.00

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