Second-hand Music Shops for DVDs, Vinyl and CD’s

Second-hand music shops in Prague are packed with DVDs, CDs and vinyls. Therefore, music lovers are sure to find many gems! Try your luck also at U Elektry, the largest flea market in Prague. That’s why your treasure hunt will result in CDs, DVDs and retro gramophone records and lots of other must-haves. Whether you are looking for pop, hip hop, jazz, world music or classical, you will find it in one of the second-hand-music shops in Prague. What’s more, the bonus is that everything in these shops is very affordable. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for second-hand, go to Bontonland Megastore: the largest music store in Prague.

second hand music shops

Second-hand Music Shops

Second-hand music shops in Prague are abundant: Prague, the city where Rock and Roll music was prohibited in Communist days, Prague, the city of Czech composers, Dvorak and Smetana. Music shops are scattered throughout the city and many are located in the city centre. Go home with ‘musical treasures’: old rock and roll LPs, Czech folk music or classical CDs that are not available elsewhere.

second hand music shops

Bazar CD for second-hand CDs, Vinyls and DVDs

Bazar CD is one of the best second-hand music shops to buy that rare compilation album. Rummage through audio and video cassettes and shelves stacked with DVDs and CDs. You are sure to find that nostalgic album or DVD that you have always been looking for. When you are on Wenceslas Square, it is worth making a small detour to this second-hand music shop. With 20,000 CDs and 5000 vinyls in stock, this is the largest second-hand music store of its kind in Prague.

How to Get There
Krakovska is a street just off Wenceslas Square near the National Museum and next to the equestrian statue of Saint Wenceslas.

Address: Bazar CD, Krakovska 4
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 11 am to 7 pm
Public transport: metro lines A and B, Muzeum

second hand music shops

Gramodesky for Second-hand Music and Memorabilia

Music Antiquariat, a large second-hand shop with a wide range of DVDs, CDs and vinyl, specializes in hard-to-find LPs, CDs and 45 rpm single records. You will find every genre of music: rock, blues, country, jazz, rock and roll as well as Moravian and Bohemian folk music and the great Czech composers such as Antonin Dvorak, Bedrich Smetana and Leos Janacek. Music Antiquariat is also famous for rock posters, tour posters, travel books, promotional photos and many other music memorabilia.

Address: Gramodesky, Hermanova 51
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 11 – 18.00

second hand music shops

U Elektry and Bontonland

U Elektry Flea Market, formerly known as Kolbenova Flea market, is held every weekend from 07.00-14.00 hours. Address: U Elektry Flea Market, U Elektry street 2c. Here you will find many stalls specializing in DVDs and CDs.

Bontonland Megastore is de grootste CD, DVD en mediawinkel in Praag (niet tweedehands). Iedere muziekliefhebber moet hier verplicht een uurtje doorbrengen. Dit is dé winkel voor muziek- film- en gameliefhebbers want ieder genre is vertegenwoordigd van rock tot folk en van jazz tot klassiek. De winkel is een beetje moeilijk te vinden. Hij zit in het winkelcentrum Palac Koruna. Wanneer je van het emceslasplein de winkelpassage ingaat, is de ingang meteen link. Je neemt de trap naar beneden en dan via een kledingoutlet komje in Bontonland.

Address: Palac Koruna, Vaclavske namesti 1 (Wenceslas Square)

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