Beer Tasting and Beer Gardens

Beer tasting tour and pub crawl will send your taste buds on a beer trip in Prague! Go on a Czech tasting tour and savour the best beer in town. Every beer-lover should have tasted at least the three most famous Czech beers: Pilsner Urquell, Gambrinus and Budvar. Serious beer drinkers must also try Radegast, Staropramen and Zlatopramen. True connoisseurs go for Flek, a dark beer with a malty, caramel after taste. Go on a beer tour, taste Czech beer and learn all there is to know about ales, lagers and stouts.

Beer Tasting Tour

If you want taste new and exciting Czech beers, learn about the history of Czech beer and all about beer tasting etiquette be sure to join the Beer Tour. During this tour you will taste 7 different types of beer and a variety of typically Czech pub snacks. Your tour starts at the first bar and an opportunity to meet party-minded travelers. The bartender will serve beer, wine and absinthe and sees to it that your glass is never empty. You then go to two more local bars. Your night out ends with VIP entrance to nightclub Karlovy Lazne.

Beer Tasting and Beer Gardens

Beer is the elixir of the Czechs. They drink more beer per capita than anywhere else in the world: an average of 140 liters per person each year and beat the Germans who ‘only’ drink 107 liters. The Czechs drink their beer in a beer garden. Don’t start worrying about cold gardens in winter. ‘Garden’ means a place where you drink beer and this need not be outside. If you haven’t been on a beer tasting tour, you haven’t been in Prague!

How to Order Beer

The place where you drink pivo (beer) is a pivnice (beer garden). The usual glass size is half a litre or půllitr, but you can order male pivo (a small beer) which is three deciliters. And if half a litre is not enough, you ask for tuplak (a double) served in a one-litre tankard. Choose from svetle pivo (pilsner) or cerne pivo (dark beer). Without doubt, tocene pivo (draft beer) is best. Na zdravi! Cheers!


Photos Marianne Crone

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