Day Trip to Karlstejn Castle

Karlstejn Castle is only 28 kilometers from Prague and a very rewarding destination for a day trip. The highlight of your visit is a tour of the Castle. This walled fortress situated on a steep hillside was built for Charles IV and served as summer palace and a safe place for his art treasures and crown jewels. Although the castle of Karlstejn is a medieval fortress, it looks much more modern. At the end of the nineteenth century, the castle was rebuilt in a style which reflects a medieval fortress.

Karlstejn castle

Day Trip Karlstejn Castle

Getting to the town and the castle involves a train journey from Prague and a steep thirty-minute climb up to the castle. Avoid the hassle and book this day trip online. A guided tour of the castle is included.

Karlstejn Town

Karlstejn is one of the most popular castles in the Czech Republic. The street leading up to the castle is packed with attractive shops. As many visitors are Czechs, the prices are not inflated as they often are in Prague. A special must-visit is the Antik-Bazar antique shop, right next to the entrance of the castle. Here you will find beautiful Bohemian glassware, Art Nouveau artifacts and everything your grandmother once had in her home. The town offers an abundance of shops, restaurants and coffee bars.

Karlstejn castle

Karlstejn Castle

The castle can be visited on a guided tour only which is included in your day trip. Rooms open to the public include the Imperial Palace, Hall of Knights, Chapel of St. Nicholas, the Royal Bedroom and the wood-panelled Audience Hall. The Church of our Lady has a beautiful timber ceiling and fragments of fourteenth-century frescos. The magnificent Holy Rood Chapel with its gem-encrusted was built to house the Habsburg imperial jewels and insignia which are now on display in Prague Castle.

Photos: Marianne Crone
Karlstejn castle
Karlstejn castle

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