Prague Communism and Nuclear Bunker Tour

Prague Communism and Nuclear Bunker Tour is an opportunity to see a different aspect of the city. Prague is full of interesting and beautiful that tell of a rich past. However, there is also a dark period in the history of the city; the period from 1948 to 1989, when Czechoslovakia was a satellite state of the Soviet Union. Dark days the Czechs like to forget and do not want to talk about.
After seeing most of Prague’s hot spots, you may like to learn a little more about these dark pages of history. Many buildings and monuments recall the Soviet era, which ended in in 1989.

Join the Communism and Nuclear Bunker tour and book your ticket online. Guided tour in a small group, maximum group size 10 persons

nuclear bunker

Communism and Nuclear Bunker Guided Tour

This guided tour is a hassle-free way to explore Prague and its Communist past. Your guide will tell you first-hand about life behind the Iron Curtain, how in 1945 the Russian Red Army liberated the city from Nazi occupation. Was it a liberation? You will visit historically important places in the city such as the Jan Pallach Monument. On 19 January 1969, he set himself on fire in protest against the Soviet invasion. You will go to a Czech pub for a beer and a snack. Skip the beer and have Kofola for the ‘communist’ feel. Kofola is imitation Coca-Cola popular in communist days because the real Coca-Cola was only available in special stores and was also very expensive. Kofola is still very popular. Read more about Kofola here.

Nuclear Bunker in Prague

The highlight of the tour is a visit to a fallout shelter built to protect against a nuclear attack from the capitalist west against the communist east, an attack that never happened. Your guide will tell you all the ins and outs about the bunker. How fresh air came in and how they had to put on their gas mask and much more.

Museum of Communism

Finally, pay a visit to the Museum of Communism, not included in the tour (your bunker tour ticket includes a discount). Here you will get an impression of daily life during the Soviet regime. The museum revolved around three themes: the dream, the reality and the nightmare. Very impressive is the documentary video: Time of Silence, Time of Shame, Time of Hope, which shows life in Prague from the Prague Spring in 1968 to the Velvet Revolt in 1989.

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Photo: Hotel Jalta

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