How to Avoid the Crowds in Prague

How to avoid the crowds in Prague is easy if you know the tricks. Prague works like a magnet: the city receives over 8 million visitors yearly of which 7 million are foreigners. It is obvious that no one, not even Czechs can resist the magic of Prague. The tourist season runs roughly from May to September. This means that during these months Charles Bridge is overcrowded and the queues for popular attractions like Prague Castle, Strahov Library and the Jewish Museum are long. The narrow streets in the Old Town district are crammed and Wenceslas Square is jam-packed with shoppers and sightseers. The crowd returns mid-December when the city is decked out for the Christmas celebrations and the Christmas markets are in full swing.

Avoid crowds

Golden travel tip: Visit Prague off-season

The best way to avoid the crowds in Prague is to visit outside the high season, which is in July and August. If you can, avoid also May, June and September as these months are middle season and attract many visitors. Off–season the city is far more relaxed. Attractions and museums are open during the whole year. Beer gardens in the many parks are closed, but beer gardens in the centre are open. True to say, they are often not outside but part of a beer house. The best off-season months are March and November.

Avoid crowds

How to avoid the crowds in Prague: 10 tips

1. Pick your visiting time wisely
If you cannot visit Prague off-season, be sure to avoid July and August. These are the most crowded months and although it may be sunny, the heat is oppressive. If this is the only time for your trip, plan your visit to the most popular tourist attraction early in the morning or after 3pm. In summer, most attraction open at 9am and many stay open until 9pm.

2. Venture away from the centre
When you have walked in the Old Town and across Charles Bridge up to Prague Castle and you have been in all streets around Wenceslas Square, you may think that you have seen Prague. The truth is: you haven’t, there is much more of the city to discover! Head to the Vinohrady neighbourhood, right behind the National Museum, and you will find shady avenues lined with houses with sparkling Baroque facades. You will find here cheaper accommodation, and a wide variety of bars, pubs and restaurants. Be sure to go to Riegrovy Park and beer More about Vinohrady neighbourhood

3. Avoid the main routes in the centre
Tourist guides and travel books suggest standard routes and most tourists follow their advice because they want to see everything and certainly do not want to get lost. If you step away from the main routes and take the side street, you will be surprised to find quiet alleys and squares and discover some unexpected gems at the same time. Be sure to avoid Karlova Street when walking from Old town Square to Charles Bridge. There are plenty of alternative routes.

Avoid crowds

4. Visit the main attractions during week days
No matter what time of the year, weekends are always busier than weekdays. Many people visit Prague for a long weekends. Monday to Thursday are far less crowded.

5. Visit smaller museums and attractions
Seek out some of smaller museums and attractions: the view from Petrin Look-out Tower is worth the climb of 299 steps or go to the Museum of Miniature to see the smallest book in the world. Go to the Museum of Communism to learn about the history of Prague from 1945 until the Velvet Revolution of 1989. List of museum in Prague

6. Stay in a hotel off the  centre
Smichov, Vinohrady or Zizkov are neighbourhoods 10 minutes or less by metro or tram to the centre. Staying in a residential area has many advantages: fewer tourists, local cafes and restaurants. Not only do you avoid the crowds but you also save money as local restaurants and pubs do not charge ‘tourist’ prices as in the centre of Prague.

7. Plan ahead what attractions you want to visit
Visiting tourist attractions takes longer than you think, especially if you head for the most popular ones which often include long waiting lines. Get your tickets for popular museums online. Visit only one big attraction e.g Prague Castle a day. This way you avoid pressure and enjoy Prague to the full.
What to do in Prague suggestions

Avoid crowds

8. Avoid tourist attraction
This may sound strange, since you have come to Prague to see Prague’s famous sights. They are often too crowded so that you cannot really enjoy them. Will it matter if you have not seen the astronomical clock, or did not have a coffee in that cool coffee bar? Would not it be more interesting to see a different part of Prague and have your coffee and your meal there? Neighbourhoods in Prague 

9. Play the tram game
Buy a 24-hour transport ticket and hop on the first tram you see. Ask your companion to mention a number under 5. If (s)he picks 1, you get off at the next stop if (s)he says 2 at the second etc. Go for a walk in the neighbourhhood near the tram stop. Then continue the game on the next tram.

10. Visit parks and green spaces
Give yourself a break from tourist attractions and go to one of the many parks and green spaces in Prague. There are plenty of them, also in the centre. They are perfect for escaping the crowds, having a coffee, and going for a walk. Relax and go back to the centre and continue your visit of more tourist attractions. More parks and gardens 

How to avoid the crowds: bonus suggestion

Explore the suburbs
Especially interesting are Smichov, Holesovice, Vrsovice and Strasnice neignouthoods. If shopping is your hobby, avoid the shopping malls and shopping streets in the centre. At the end station of each metro line, huge shopping malls welcome you. If you are interested to see the old and the new, first go to Haje shopping centre that breathes still the old communist atmosphere. Then go back two metro stops and get off at Chodov with a modern shopping mall. More about Haje

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