How to Avoid the Crowds in Prague

Avoid the crowds in Prague is almost impossible as Prague is one of the most beautiful capital cities of Europe. That’s why Prague is a popular destination for city trips especially from May to September. During the high season you will have to queue up for popular attractions like Prague Castle, Strahov Library and the Jewish Museum. The crowd returns mid-December when the city is decked out for the Christmas celebrations.

The waiting line to enter Prague Castle snakes around the building. Charles Bridge is a sea of people making their way across the Vltava River. The pulsing mass on Old Town Square hurries to the Astronomical Clock at the full hour to watch the spectacle that lasts only for one minute. There is no escaping the crowds in the historical centre of Prague, or is there?

Avoid the crowds in Prague

Tips how to avoid the crowds in Prague

1. Buy your tickets for Prague Castle online and you avoid the long waiting line
2. Venture away from the tourist trail in the Old Town, be it only a few blocks and you will be surprised how quickly the crowds disappear.
3. Amble along Charles Bridge early morning or late evening. The same goes for Old Town Square after 8 o’clock in the evening you will have the place almost to yourself.
4. Seek out some of the smaller museums and attractions: the view from Petrin Look-out Tower is worth the climb of 299 steps or go to the Museum of Miniature to see the smallest book in the world. Go to the Museum of Communism to learn about the history of Prague from 1945 until the Velvet Revolution of 1989.

Venture Away from the Centre 

When you have walked in the Old Town and across the Vltava River up to Prague Castle and you have been in all streets around Wenceslas Square, you may think that you have seen Prague. There is much more of the city to discover! Head to the Vinohrady neighbourhood, right behind the National Museum, and you will find shady avenues lined with houses with sparkling Baroque facades. You will find here cheaper accommodation, and a wide variety of bars, pubs and restaurants. Be sure to go to Riegrovy Park and beer garden; the perfect place to enjoy Czech beer, and much cheaper than in Old Town Square. 

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