Prague Castle for Photographers

Prague Castle towers above the Vltava River. This is one of the most memorable views of the city and almost every visitor to Prague takes photos of the Castle and St Vitus Cathedral. Charles Bridge offers the best view of the Castle and the Cathedral, but for the best views of the Bridge itself, you’ll have to go to Smetanova Embankment, next to the Smetana Museum. Palackeho Bridge two bridges south of Charles Bridge is also a good photographer’s spot for shots of Prague Castles. In the opposite direction side Vysehrad and the spires of the St Peter and Paul Church are also very photogenic.

Prague Castle for Photographers

View from Kampa

Kampa Island is yet another excellent spot to view Charles Bridge. Kampa is the largest of the Vltava River islands, but still very small. Its southern tip is a whirl of pink blossom in spring. The riverside path is photographer’s paradise because it offers one of the best views of Charles Bridge.

View from Petrin

Take the funicular railway or walk up Petrin Hill for another spectacular view of Charles Bridge. Climb the 299 steps of Petrin Tower, a miniature look-alike of the Eiffel tower and below you will see the multitude of people on the bridge resembling Lilliputians. The spires and domes of the Old Town sparkle in the sun. To the west, the looming towers, pinnacles and buttresses of St Vitus Cathedral stand out against the blue sky.

Charles Bridge at Dawn

The crush of people on Charles Bridge seldom abates. Your visit to Prague is only complete after you have mingled with the crowd on Charles Bridge and seen the statues. The best loved bridge of Prague festooned with statues is the best place to hang out. If you arrive at dawn you will beat the crowd and witness a glorious and unforgettable sunrise.

Prague Castle for Photographers

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