Prague Underground Tour Discover the Secrets Underneath the City

What lies underneath Prague’s sidewalks and streets? Cables, sewers and gas pipes is half the answer, because there is also a maze of passages, hidden halls, cellars and medieval vaults.. During the Prague Underground Tour, you will explore this secret world with an English-speaking guide who knows (almost) everything about Prague in the Middle Ages. During the tour, your guide will tell you what life in the Middle Ages must have been like for the city dwellers. You’ll visit an alchemist’s lab and a medieval dungeon and learn about punishments and torture devices for criminals.

Prague Underground and Dungeon Tour

Duration: 80 minutes
Language: English or German
Meeting point: Malé Naměstí 11, near the Astronomical Clock
Cancellation: free up to 24 hours in advance

What will you see

You will visit an alchemist laboratory, a medieval dungeon and an exhibition of historical weapons. Your guide tells about revolts, uprisings, floods, the dark story of the astronomical clock and defenestrations in other words chucking someone out of a window to get rid of opponents. During the first defenestration in the fifteenth century, everything went perfectly. Seven members of the city council were thrown out of window of the city hall on Charles Square and did not survive. During the second defenestration in the seventeenth century, the victims were lucky because they ended up on a dunghill and survived the fall.

Prague and Alchemists

In 2002 the Vltava flooded and that was, in a way, a lucky incident because a secret alchemist laboratory was found during the cleanup and repair works. At the time of Emperor Rudolf II (1552-1612) alchemists were very welcome in Prague. Being interested in alchemy, the Emperor considered it his mission to find the Philosopher’s Stone, a substance that turned base metals into gold and which was also an elixir of life. All experiments were secret and instructions were written in secret code. Scientists Isaac Newton experimented with alchemy, the forerunner of modern chemistry.

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