Sleeper Train from Brussels and Amsterdam to Prague

The European sleeper train connects four main European cities: Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin and Prague. Get on board in the evening and arrive the next morning in Prague. The sleeper train starts in Brussels then to Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Berlin and terminates in Prague Central Station, Praha hlavní nádraží, abbreviated to Praha hl, right in the heart of the city. If you are looking for a sustainable alternative to a trip by plane or car, the sleeper train is a good option

What is the European Sleeper

The European Sleeper is a start-up founded by two Dutch train enthusiasts, Chris Engelsman and Elmer van Buuren, fully financed by small investors. In 2023, they launched their first route from Brussels to Berlin, and in 2024 they expanded the route to Prague.

There were some hurdles to take, such as the bureaucracy associated with working with the various national carriers in the countries through which the train passes. The railways have not invested in night trains for decades and the European Sleeper is struggling with this legacy. This is also the reason why they work with relatively old rolling stock.

Timetable European Sleeper Train

The journey time of the European Sleeper train from Brussels to Prague takes 15 hours and calls at 16 stations in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and the Czech Republic.

At 19.22 departure from Brussels on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and arrival in Prague is the next day at 10.56
At 10.04 departure from Prague on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday and arrival in Brussels is the next day at 9.27

Two stations in Belgium to board the train
1. Brussels Midi / Zuid at 19:22
2. Antwerpen Centraal at 20:21

Five stations in the Netherlands to board the train
1. Roosendaal at 20:44
2. Rotterdam Centraal at 21:11
3. The Hague HS at 21:42
4. Amsterdam Centraal at 22.34
5. Amersfoort Centraal at 23.12
6. Deventer 23:52

Settling Down for the Night

There are three sleeping options and woman only compartments are on request. There is no dining car but drinks and snacks can be bought from the crew. Three booking options: Sleeper gives most comfort, couchette are with or without air-conditioning and seat only is a low-cost option.

* Seats and table
* Three beds per compartment
* Private washbasin and shared toilet
* Compartments lock from the inside
* Towels and toiletries included
* Breakfast, mineral water and welcome drink included.

* Standard 6-person compartment
* Comfort 5-person air-conditioned compartment
* Seats during the day, bunk beds at night
* Washroom and toilet in the corridor
* Compartment can be locked from the inside
* Mineral water included
* Breakfast at an extra fee

Seats only
* 6 seats per compartment
* Seat reservation included
* Toilets in the corridor

Why take the European Sleeper to Prague?

There are certainly many reasons to travel with the European Sleeper. Not only is the train journey romantic, sustainable and environmentally friendly, it is also more comfortable than travelling by plane. And yes, the journey takes longer but you have more room to move around. You don’t sit strapped in your seat for the entire journey, you can get up and walk around – and after all most of the time you are sleeping.

You do not have to be present two hours before departure as you have when you go by plane. You can carry unlimited amounts of liquids, you don’t have to queue at security or take off your shoes, take off your belt or remove your electronics from your luggage. And then there is no long wait before departure.

You simply arrive at the station 5 or 10 minutes before your train leaves. When you arrive in Prague, you are in the middle of the city near Wenceslas Square. So you don’t have to take the bus to Veleslavin metro station, then take the metro to the centre of Prague, a journey that takes about an hour!

The big advantage of the night train is that you can take much more luggage with you than on the plane. You can bring your bicycle and even cats and dogs. When your pet accompanies you, you will have to book a private compartment.

The European Sleeper is a relaxing way to travel to Prague. At 9 o’clock in the morning you cross the Czech border and enjoy the beautiful view – the Elbe and the rock formations of Bohemian Switzerland.

Although there are a few drawbacks – no showers, no WiFi and no dining car at the moment (but planning to add one), a trip with the European Sleeper is definitely recommended!

Scenic Route

The most scenic part of the route is the stretch Dresden – Prague. The train tracks follow the course of the Elbe River. Once the German – Czech border is crossed, you are in Bohemian Switzerland, a national park characterized by sandstone mountains. The next stop is Děčín with a castle located on a rocky promontory high above the Elbe River. The town of Děčín is known for its many hiking trails to explore Bohemian Switzerland.

Station as a Tourist Attraction

Prague Central Station is not only a transport hub but also a tourist attraction
1. Café Fantova and the former ticket hall is an Art Nouveau gem
2. On platform 1 the sculpture of Sir Winton who saved many children from deportation just before World War II
3. The station concourse is a mini shopping mall with fashion, sports, jewelry shops and many fast-food outlets and coffee bars and also a Billa supermarket.
4. Prague Central Station is a prime example of Brutalist and Art Nouveau architecture

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