Best Time for a City Trip to Prague

City trip Prague: Spring or autumn, when is the weather in Prague at its best? When is the ideal time for a city trip to Prague? Prague is a sparkling city and one of central Europe’s most visited tourist destinations. The busiest periods are spring and autumn, when city trips are popular and hotel prices reflect this popularity. Especially spring and autumn are popular seasons for a city trip to Prague. July and August are the hottest months with temperatures (sometimes) soaring above 30°C (86°F). Winter months are cold, but the bonus is that the city looks magical with a dusting of snow.

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City Trip in Spring

Spring is the season when tourists start arriving. In March you will have the city almost to yourself, but it can be pretty cold, with temperatures sometimes still around freezing. The first groups of tourists appear late April early May. It’s getting a little warmer. The mercury rises to a pleasant 20-25°C (68-77°F). It is wonderful to stay in a sunny spot. Cafés and restaurants are slowly setting up their outdoor seating.

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Summer in Prague

Many tourists visit Prague a a city trip in summer. July and August are not too crowded whereas June and September are far more popular months for a visit. The days are pleasantly long. All tourist attractions are open late. Bring an umbrella and raincoat because summer showers are quite normal. You will find outdoor café’s scattered all over the city and everyone has lunch, dinner and drinks outside.

Autumn in Prague

Early autumn is popular with tourists for a city trip. The trees in the parks change to autumn colours. The temperature is excellent for exploring the city on foot. September is still pleasantly warm. The outdoor cafes break up in October as it is getting too cold to sit outside.

Winter in Prague

Prepare for snow and freezing temperatures, but with warm clothes that should be no problem. A number of museums and tourist attractions open later and close earlier than in summer. The advantage is that there are fewer visitors than during the peak season. It gets dark early, as early as 4 pm in December. The Christmas markets with magical fairy lights make the city very special. Christmas and New Year are perfect for a visit, if you do not mind the cold. The cultural season is in full swing and Christmas markets are dotted all over the city. The biggest is at Old Town Square with plenty of mulled wine to keep you warm. They usually open the last weekend in November and stay open until early January.

City Trip

Best time for a city trip

June and July are the best months weather-wise, nine hours of sunshine a day. June is with 50 mm slightly wetter than July with 25 mm precipitation. The wettest month is November, the coldest December and the warmest July. These are averages, of course.

What to Pack
Comfortable shoes are most important because you will do a lot of walking on cobblestone streets. High heels will get caught in between the cobbles. Casual clothing will suit most occasions. When attending an opera performance, a classical concert or dining in a smart restaurant, men wear suit and tie. There is no special dress code for women as long as it is not too casual.

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