By Train to Prague

By train to Prague and you will arrive at Praha hlavni nadrazi, the main station in Prague located in the city centre. Buy your tickets on the day you want to travel, advanced booking is only necessary on some international trains. Do not change money at the Exchange Offices in and just outside the station. They claim 0% commission but their exchange rates are very unfavourable. Prague has two more train stations in the city centre. Read here where you can change money.

Wilsonova, the main Railway Station

The main train station in Prague is located on Wilsonova a busy thorough and is at walking distance or one metro stop from Wenceslas Square. The station is also worth a visit when not travelling. It consists of two parts. The part built in Communist days which looks now more cheerful than in the old day with lots of shops, fast food outlets and cafés and the original building in Art Nouveau style. Be sure to have a look, drink coffee or wait for your train in the Art Nouveau café, Kavarna Fantova  in the former ticket office. On platform 1 you will find the statue of Nicolas Winton, the Czech Schindler, who provided for Jewish children free passage to West Europe.

Czech Railway Companies

ČD, České dráhy, Czech Railways, is the main railway operator in the Czech Republic, Pendolinos are their high speed trains.

Other Railway Companies

Leo Express – from Prague via Ostrava to Kosice RegioJet – from Prague via Kosice and Ostrava to Bratislava in Slovakia
Railjet – from Prague via Brno, to Vienna and Graz in Austria.

Train to Prague

Train Stations in Prague

Prague has four train stations:

1. Hlavní Nádraží, Prague Central Station
This is the main railway station and often abbreviated to Praha hl and provides national and international railway connections.  Facilities:
Fast food outlet, coffee bars, mini shopping centre with fashion, books, pharmacy and supermarket.
ATM and Money Exchange Bureaus (!! with unfavourable exchange rates !!)
Lockers to store luggage
Metro station Hlavní Nádraží, line C
Tram  5,  9, 15, and 26
Airport Express Bus

2. Nádraží Holešovice, Holesovice Railway Station
Prague Holešovice is used for national connections and also by Euro city trains to Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary.  Facilities
Fast food, ATM, Left luggage office and luggage lockers
Holešovice metro station line C (3 stations away from the main railway station)
Trams 12, 8, 17

3. Masarykovo nádraží, Masaryk Railway Station
Only domestic services. Taxis at the Train Stations
Safety Rules for taxis
Make sure you get into a registered taxi
Company name, license number and rates must show on both front doors
Registered taxis have a yellow roof sign which says: TAXI
Trams 3, 14, 15, 26

4. Smichovske nadrazi, Smichov Railway Station
For all trains to Plzen and further. Arriva-Länderbahn Express from Munich (Germany) stops at this station and continues to Prague central Station. Railway hub for domestic services for cities in the east of the Czech Republic.
Metro Smichovske nadrazi line C
Tram 4, 5, 20, 22

Buying Tickets

Domestic routes: Buy your ticket on the day you travel but if you plan to travel on a LEO Express or RegioJet train, get your tickets online. That way you are assured of a seat. These two companies serve only certain routes.

Train to Prague

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